Beech's Brilliant Ideas

On Thursday, we compiled a list of our best activities to do at home that don't require any technology. 
By working together, we managed to collect all of these fantastic ideas.
We can't wait to start doing them!

Beech Class’s list of amazing activities to do without technology!


  1. Hockey drills with your siblings
  2. Football in the garden/park/big field with family
  3. Read a book OR write a book
  4. Do gardening
  5. Go for a walk up to Firle Beacon
  6. Train your dog
  7. Learn new tricks on the trampoline
  8. Create a diary
  9. Set up an obstacle course
  10. Do science experiments at home
  11. Paint
  12. Play with your pets
  13. Build a den
  14. Draw pictures
  15. Play rugby with your siblings
  16. Explore!
  17. Make something with clay
  18. Make your own clay
  19. Make slime
  20. Have a picnic at home
  21. Make a café for your family
  22. Yoga
  23. Have a pretend tea party
  24. Make a timetable or calendar
  25. Go for a mini beast hunt and then make a home for them!
  26. Make a bug hotel
  27. Go fishing
  28. Create a easter fair at home!
  29. Make up a dance routine
  30. Make a mask
  31. Go for an easter egg hunt
  32. Make a treasure hunt for your family
  33. Be a teacher to your toys
  34. Camp in your garden
  35. Make a robot
  36. Make a shaky hand tester (you may need to order the parts for this)