I know this is quite wierd for many of you, but this is where you need to come every day. It is where you can find projects and work to do, and where you can keep in touch. I will put new challenges up for you every day, and would also like to put up photos of you doing your homework so that you can continue to feel part of our Holly Class family. Please get an adult to email them to me and I will set up a class photo page. 
On the homework page, you will find three sections:
  1. A list of things that you need to do every day - times tables, reading, mental mathematics (mathletics). For many of you, I have also sent you home with SATs papers - these are a really good way of going over some of the things we have done this year, as well as trying out new skills. Don't forget to check your answers and go over anyting that you got wrong.
  2. Links to useful websites to make your work fun. This is where you can also download SATs papers if you don't have them at home;
  3. Maths, English and Project work to do - this will change every day.
Overall, you should be aiming to spend about 3 hours on your school work every day. This leaves you plenty of time to help your family around the house: keep your room tidy, wash up / load the dishwasher, etc. as well as having time to play. Remember to keep washing your hands and enjoying the sunshine.
Please feel to email me with some fun photos, or if you have any questions.