Physical Education


Children are entitled to a rich, broad and balanced PE curriculum. Through PE, children should develop positive behaviour and attitudes that will benefit them throughout school life and beyond.

 It is the intent of our PE curriculum to ensure that all children:

  • Gain knowledge, inspiration and competence to participate and excel in a broad range of sports.
  • Gain knowledge about physical activity and healthy lifestyles and apply this knowledge to choices about their own health and physical activity.
  • Acquire skills and confidence to engage in competitive sport and resilience to be physically active for sustained periods.
  • Embed the school values in their approach to PE particularly respect, working together and perseverance.
The impact of our high quality PE curriculum is that our pupils integrate into a healthy and active life style.

By the end of each learning unit children will be expected to demonstrate a progression of skills and knowledge of the discipline studied, preparing them for the next stages in their development.

By the end of Year 6, all children are to be able to swim competently, confidently and at a distance of at least 25 meters.

Staff use The PE Hub which is a complete PE resource packed with lesson plans, videos, music, printable resources, and assessment tools that staff use to meet Ofsted requirements and make PE more fun and rewarding for pupils.

The PE Hub supports us to deliver high-quality lessons by harnessing pupils’ natural enthusiasm for PE. We provide challenge and have high expectations with clear success criteria that help keep pupils on track.

The PE Hub has a huge range of progressive content for our teachers to use to design their curriculum. Building on a foundation of physical literacy in Reception, at KS1 children learn fundamental movement skills that prepares them for modified games at KS2. In addition to games activities, each year group has access to outdoor and adventurous activities and two units of gymnastics and dance; ensuring children’s learning is broad and balanced.