School Meals, Milk & Fruit

School meals are £2.85 daily for KS2 children, EYFS and KS1 children receive a free school meal.


Free milk is available for all children under the age of five in school, funded by the UK government.

In our school, this milk is provided by Cool Milk, the UK’s leading school milk supplier.

When your child turns five, you are able to pay a subsidised rate for your child to continue to receive milk.

If you wish for your child to continue receiving milk from the age of five, simply register with Cool Milk directly via their website ( They will then contact you at the appropriate time to arrange pre-payment.


As you may be aware the NHS fund a daily portion of fruit for all children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.

We would like to extend the scheme and offer fruit to the children in Key Stage 2 for a cost of 10p per day, payable in advance each term. This would provide a portion of fruit each day. The fruit delivered will be the same that is delivered to Key Stage 1; Therefore, there will not be a choice available, just the “Fruit of the Day”. Deliveries normally consist of bananas, apples, pears, carrots, citrus, tomatoes and strawberries/mangetout in the warmer weather.

It is not possible to offer refunds for absences, dislikes or days when deliveries have not been made, e.g. the first day of term. Alternatively, your child can bring in a piece of fruit, in a named container, from home each day.